Brewing smiles

one cup at a time.

This is more than coffee


7 Brew was born out of a desire to use coffee - a simple element of modern living - as a vehicle to spread kindness, love, and connections. People are at the heart of what we do! We're more than coffee. We're 7 Brew, and our mission is to build communities by brewing smiles one cup at a time. Want to join us?

Yes, I do!

About the Brew crew

The dream came alive in February 2017 with our first location in Rogers, AR, and the best is yet to come! 7 Brew is the revolution that treats people like people - that makes them feel warm, loved, and important, all before they take a sip of the best drink in town. And it's not just kindness and coffee that we sell at 7 Brew. We are cranking out delicious infused energy drinks, Italian sodas, smoothies, teas, and more!

We're redefining the drive-thru experience with a purpose-driven culture and deliciously imaginative drinks like you've never tasted before. Revolutionary experiences with people are why we exist and why we will continue to exist. These experiences start and end with our amazing team, and we believe the best is yet to come. 


To get there, we need to build a large team of value-driven employees. With that comes numerous opportunities for our team. So, get pumped!


If you're ready for an epic, energetic, and rewarding journey, we'd love to have you on the crew!

Let's go!

Our values


Ready to Be the happiest Part of People's Day?


Our team cultivates kindness every day with guests and coworkers alike. They're drink-makers, shelf-stockers, store-cleaners, order-takers, and smile-givers. They're also team players with the company's best interests in mind. They come to work full of energy, fun, and positivity. If this sounds like you, join our crew!

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Take Your Job to the

next level

Want to grow your job into a career? We've created a way for you to step up your game.


At 7 Brew Coffee , our goal is to help train you into the leader you want to be .   We've outlined exactly how you can progress through the company and eventually manage your own region. Now it's up to you. Dream big, work hard, and make these opportunities real!


Where Everyone Starts


Providing a fantastic guest experience, while learning team model.



Leading a Team of people


Now you're responsible for leading a team of 7-10 people while learning how to run a business.



Managing Your Own Stand


You are the CEO of your stand, hiring and training the team you need to for your business to grow.

District Manager

Managing Your Own Region


You are responsible for 4-7 stands. Working with the leadership team to determine what are the best strategic decisions for the company.

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